Shiv was my health coach for a little over a year. I am grateful every single day that I invested the time, energy and money in ME to work with her! Why am I grateful? Because I USE the information and the teachings that she shared with me EVERY SINGLE DAY to this day. And I have gotten amazing results!

Here’s what working with Shiv did for me:

I lost weight! YEAH!
I felt truly supported and so did not feel like I had to turn to food for that support.
I stopped being numb every time I ate something that didn’t support my health goals.
I gained a tremendous amount of energy and vitality that I thought I’d lost forever.
I discovered some long unconscious patterns of beliefs and behaviors that I simply DID NOT SEE BEFORE I started working with her (and I’ve done LOTS of great work on myself). Discovering this about myself has been a game changer!
I love my body and my beautiful unique self even MORE than I did before (and that’s amazing!)
I am so stoked I got health coaching with her. I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to take their health to the next level. You and your dreams are worth investing in! Lara, Benicia, CA

Nobody ever really pushed me I guess until the day I met Shiv. We’ve worked together for about 7 months now and it has changed my life. She’s taught me how to live again. She’s taught me that life is worth living and there’s a lot of live in life … she’s helping me become a better, brighter person. —Tina, Livermore, CA

Hear a testimonial from Tina.

My weekly talk with Shiv is the therapy I didn’t know I needed. It’s eye-opening to see it’s not about weight loss, diets or secret recipes. I didn’t know how much I allowed others to influence me and my emotions, how much self-loathing I was capable of, or how much I had repressed my desires. I have a new found freedom to be ME, not what I think others want me to be. – Tracy, Ohio.

I had dabbled with yoga on YouTube in an attempt to ‘find myself’. Luckily, One Woman Revolution (dot TV!) jumped out of the screen! It was like a one-to-one! I took to her and her approach to yoga straight away.

I like to think Shiv found me, rather than I found her. A tarot reader had said July was going to be my lowest point in life, so when Shiv offered a 40 Day Reset, covering the very month my life was supposedly going to be at its lowest, I cautiously signed up. I knew I needed to, but how would I cope?

In hindsight, I need not have worried, as with each call, I became stronger inside. The calls made me realise that all I really wanted was some “me” time, and straight away, I had it. An hour, each call, with just Shiv, was all it took to refocus.

As each week progressed, I noticed I really was on a roll; July wasn’t the worst month of my life at all! I had a wonderful time chatting with other members, accepting and offering support, and becoming “me” again.

She really was there when I needed her. Shiv is a lovely, wonderful and warm person with such a caring soul. I’d certainly recommend her 40 day programme to anyone needing a reset – Julie, K, France

I just recently discovered your YouTube channel. I love your energy!!! The kriyas that you demonstrate and share are gentle enough to do… even when I’m struggling immensely with chronic pain and fatigue caused by endometriosis. I shared your video for Disease Resistance on my Endo Slayers FB page, as well as a with a few of the endometriosis groups that I belong to…. it’s already generating some excellent traffic. Thank you so much. Sat Nam Sophie, Burlington, MA

Shiv is the mentor and friend who everybody would like to have: she is very supportive, a great listener, and always full of insight and good advice. From her I learned a lot about self-acceptance and kindness, about gratitude, and about seeing the positive in different situations. After talking to her, I always feel more energized, and I am able to accomplish more. Shiv has a gift for inspiring people, and she truly wants to see you becoming the best version of yourself. – Sofia, Oakland, California

Shiv is hilarious and an awesome teacher. – Mary, San Francisco, California.

Thank you to Shiv and Cemaaj for their passion and wanting to share it with others. You both are inspirations to so many – even if you don’t know it. – Erica, San Leandro, California.



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