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Ready to stop beating yourself up? How would it feel to have more love, more peace, to evolve on your journey to serve more clients, to make a bigger difference in your life and those you serve, and to open more opportunities?

And most importantly … how would you like to live your life in alignment with your Spiritual values NOW, so you shine your brilliance into the world and create a bigger change than even you could have once imagined?

Are you ready to start putting YOUR needs first so that you can show up as a brighter, shinier version of you in ALL aspects of life?

Really, the question is, “Are you ready to finally FALL IN LOVE with ALL of you? And have others do the same? Are you ready to be the light that shines so bright others are drawn to you like a lighthouse in a storm?”

Here’s some of the ways we can travel this path together:

Just YOU and US—One on One Support
One on One Platinum Coaching Packages

You may be thinking that having ExtraOrdinary Self Love is for everyone else, that you have too much going on to take time for yourself. We understand; everyone thinks that they need to take care of others before themselves. The truth of the matter is that until we take time for ourselves, to love from the inside out, we will be limiting our love for others.

This is for you if you are ready to step out, to play a bigger role in the world and to take better care of yourself than ever before. Are you ready to shake your inner world upside down and create the life you secretly desire yet think is not yours to have? You know you need some one on one support. You’ve been around the block more than once and keep coming back to the same inner self talk—you are not good enough, not worthy enough, you’ve tried everything and you are so sick of that nasty four letter word—DIET.

You have successfully built your own business helping others build their dream visions along the way. You have the outer markings of success yet feel like your inner world is far from successful.

You are ready to play a bigger role in the world. You want to help more people and are a change maker. You want to practice what you preach and stop feeling like a fraud. You know that your lack of self worth and self love is a roadblock that must be overcome to fulfill your HUGE mission on the planet.

Most importantly you know that it is time to try something different from all the “other times” you have tried to make a change. Perhaps you already recognize you need to change the internal dialogue and love yourself more but just don’t know how.

Let’s talk—and we can find out more about what you’re looking for, you can find out what we offer, and together we can decide if you’d like step into creating YOUR Heroine’s Journey, to bring your personal and business lives into alignment with your greater vision.

Just click here to set up a Spotlight Session.

VIP Days

Let’s spend the day together. You and us and the luxury of eight hours to create the roadmap for YOUR Heroine’s Journey. This is the Concorde of our coaching packages, getting you started and off the runway by the end of the day.

Imagine the three of us creating a program and strategy all about YOU, integrating all the elements of YOUR life into one plan. You will leave with the tools to start implementing right away.

ExtraOrdinary Self Love does not come naturally to many of us who are the “caregivers” of the world. We have learned to put the needs of others before our own, to sacrifice our own internal happiness for the sake of others. We have been indoctrinated to believe that self care is selfish.

We will show you how to “have your cake AND eat it.” We truly believe this is not an either/or option, that when you have a sense of ExtraOrdinary Self Love others will benefit as well.

Of course our day will include meeting in a gorgeous setting, along with delicious, beautiful healthy food to start nurturing you from the inside out.

Our day together is all about YOU and is designed with YOU in mind. You will leave with a radically altered sense of self and the knowledge to start YOUR Heroine’s Journey to Falling In Love With ALL of YOU.

Just click here to set up a Spotlight Session and we’ll plan YOUR unique VIP day.



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