There are those that speak and there are those that set you and your team on fire. Shiv will not only bring relevant, relatable content to your team event, she will do it in a way that entertains and inspires as she informs, and yes she will set you and your team on fire to make change.

She spent too much of her own free time in boring and irrelevant talks, workshops and corporate retreats to do the same to you and your team. She will make your time together count and she will leave you with tangible, actionable tools and strategies to make the change you desire.

Weaving humor and story into the lessons she shares, Shiv inspires you to step out of the boundaries of playing small and step more fully into who you really are. Your power is inside of you. Shiv will help you unleash this powerhouse to you don’t have to try so hard. And she does this because she knows how it feels to be a prisoner in your own life.

At 48 Shiv feels better than she did at 28 and realizes that we don’t have to shrivel up and get stiff and cranky as we age. Not only can we stay young but we can perform better than ever in every area of our lives. Whatever it is that we want more of, feeling better in our body and mind can be the secret weapon to living a life better than you ever thought possible.

Sharing how she did it, and how you can too, is one of her greatest passions. After decades of trying to lose weight not only did she she release 85 lbs in weight and 66″ from her body, she gained a life more brilliant than she ever could have imagined.

The fantastic thing is that it really is not rocket science. Shiv knows, from her own experience and from working with others, that it all comes down to our personal habits and goals. As her yoga teacher, Yogi Bhajan, always reminded students, “People make habits, habits make people.” Change in one area brings change in other areas. Thus success in one area spills and ripples into another areas of your life once you get the wheel of life working in your favor.

Whether you have the need for a Wellness Program, a Keynote Speaker or Trainer, or Retreat Leader, Shiv will work with you to not only make it an event your team enjoys and thanks you for, but also one that will will leave them feeling heard and wanting more. As an employer, read “and infinitely loyal” when your team feels heard and cared for. Not to mention how much better everyone performs when they feel better inside.

Just as Shiv gained a life when she stopped trying to lose weight, when your team is seen and heard, and feels cared for, you will gain so much more from your people feeling good about who they are, what they are doing and who they are doing it with, that your business may just get even more successful!

To find out more about firing up your life and team contact Shiv here.



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