There are so many reasons I love Cemaaj. He knows how much I love to sleep outside and usually I would be the first to set up camp, but I am not my usual self. Today he took a break from work and set up the tent by the eucalyptus grove overlooking the hills of Bloomfield where the sun rises in the morning.

It’s 16 years this very weekend since I realized how much I love nature and camping-I will be sharing more of that as we approach the anniversary of the fire that saved my life.

Nothing makes me feel better than sleeping outside. As I type my eyes are closing and I am looking forward to walking across the moonlit orchard to my bed.
We may live in a teeny cottage but we are blessed to have lots of open space to play. Tomorrow we will be collecting Zola, our favorite four legged, from San Francisco, she loves camping with us at home.

The back of the tent showing the view when we wake up. To be honest, I am (once again) very tired and am going to make the walk across the orchard to the tent. We will be sharing more of our camping at home with you very soon.

Looking forward to my morning yoga and read right here. It literally makes my heart sing just thinking about sleeping outside. And as I said, we will be sharing more about what we love about camping and why.

In the meantime I would love to know if you camp at home, nothing beats sleeping on the earth, breathing fresh air and waking up to the elements.

View from behind the tent, across the orchard, the little green roof is our cottage, this is the walk we will make each night to our bedroom under the stars.

Sending you so much love, this 40 day daily writing challenge is almost done, and we have made every day so far, it always feels good to do what we say we are going to do. And now I am going to sleep under the stars.

Always in love

Sat nam