Quick note to self as I sit in tranquility on a Sunday evening, perhaps it’s a note that speaks to you as well:

Appliances take batteries and electricity to charge, humans need love and friendship. When appliances run out of power they merely need to have their batteries changed, or be plugged into a power source.

If only it were that easy for humans-or is it? Is there a way we can plug in to get charged that we may have forgotten about?

We are living in a world of an uber-connected state. That is to say we claim to be connected, yet what if it is that very connection that is actually draining us of our power?

What if our true power lies in the ability to disconnect in order that we may reconnect, and in doing so, power up from the inside?

Sometimes the simplest way to power up yourself is to power down everything else-get offline, put the phone down, better yet turn it off, put it away.  Airplane it, it will all be there later for you.

You don’t have to become a hermit, but you perhaps do need to find yourself a middle way-a way to be with it all and a way to be with all of you.  This is where powering down to power up comes in.

If your inner power light in is on low, turning off your devices can be one way to charge yourself back up. In our Get Your Happy Back Reset Lifetime Membership Program we do four 40 days practices a year, working on small habits to bring about big change.

This season, as in many others, I am implementing a technology curfew-my phone has an alarm at 7.45 PM to let me know I have 15 minutes to curfew. I then put the phone on airplane. At 8 AM, another alarm sounds and lets me know curfew has been lifted.

That gives me 12 hours on and 12 hours off-I don’t look at my phone, nor do I check email and social media during the off time. You can make your own times, but imagine how you might feel not scrolling through your SM of choice just before going to bed, or immediately upon waking-and yes, this includes checking email as well.

Your nervous system will thank you in so many ways.  Could some kind of technology curfew be just the power up you are looking for? What’s possible for you when you turn off the outside world and become open to what’s inside?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or over on our FaceBook page. I will be back with Part 2, because there is more to you powering up than turning off your devices, but it is the place to start.

Alone we can do so much, and together we can do so much more. When we each share our experiences, we connect into the universal consciousness. And it is there that we can truly realize we are not alone, we are not the only ones feeling the way we do, and that there is a path we can each carve to find our middle way to be be more of who we were born to be.

Love you so much,
Sat nam