It has often been said that the three things we shouldn’t talk about are religion, politics and money. I think we need to add a fourth topic, and I’d dare to say it’s probably the most volatile of the four-yep, I’m talking diet. Everyone has an opinion on what we should and should not eat, and some hold that opinion so sacred that they cannot conceive of anything outside of their ways and beliefs.

I recently shared that change has been knocking at my door with regard to my diet and health. If you missed that post, you can check it out here.

It’s easy to judge others for doing something different to what we believe in. It was not an easy decision for me to come to. But like all big decisions, I let it percolate and arise organically dealing with the information I have, and always checking in on the progress along the way.

After 16 years of being vegan, I have introduced a small amount of animal products into my diet. I could easily not have shared this, but you know me, I like to be transparent.  Not only that, I have been around the raw and vegan health domains for long enough to know many well known advocates who do not practice what they teach and preach-don’t even get me started on this one!

I also knew it would likely get some scalding comments. I was not wrong, but I was surprised at the voracity of hate this topic can spawn. I share more of why I’m not vegan anymore in this video. 

Now if you are vegan or plant based, please be mindful of how you address your comments. I am quite blown away by one person’s comments on the video.

Yes be passionate, but rude? No. Swearing and cursing at others? Not going to be tolerated-I still have to deal with the interchange this video caused between what can only be called a rude vegan and a meat eater…ugh…there is much compassion we can exercise when others do not follow what we think is right, but that’s another topic.

For now, I will share the original video and will be making a follow up to answer the comment thus far received.

In the meantime I’d love to know how change has knocked at your door? What mountains do you find yourself climbing over and over again? How have you dealt with the challenges change has presented, or are you still trying to find a way that works for you?

Maybe there’s change calling at your door and you’re scared to answer it because of what others may think of you. I totally get it. But I also know that the wisest voice is the one that lives deep within. Haters be hating. There is no right or wrong way, no matter what others say-one size will not fit all, and no-one but you knows how it is to walk in your shoes.

You know you are always welcome to come and share your tales with us on FaceBook, be it a public post, or private message. 

Alone we can do so much, together we can do so much more.

Sending you buckets of love on this ever changing path.

Sat nam